Terms & Conditions


There are no entry requirements. If the intended student is under the age of 18, the contract needs to be signed by the legal guardian of the minor. Where a company or agency is responsible for settling the account, a signature from a company representative is required.


Our teachers will provide all lesson material. They are uploaded to Microsoft Teams and can be accessed by the students at any time after each lesson. Some teachers might suggest other materials that will exceed the scope of the lessons for self-study. Those are not included and should be purchased outside of the agreement, but are not a requirement.


The following minimum numbers will apply:

Group classes: 4 to 6 students
Small Group classes: 2 to 3 students
One-on-One classes:
 Single student only

For quality reasons, the maximum number of students admitted per course is 6. We are happy to discuss more options for bigger classes if required.


Our teachers do not work on public holidays. Classes scheduled for any public holiday will be postponed and added before the courses finish. Please be aware that students and teachers may not reside in the same country and public holidays might differ.


As an education and training provider, our services are VAT-exempt. No VAT is charged on our courses unless otherwise stated.


1) A contract is made between The Chat Laboratory and the Client and no booking is valid until the Company has issued a confirmation invoice by e-mail. After the invoice has been paid by the client, the lessons will be scheduled. All lessons are scheduled via our office. All payments must be made in advance before the first lesson takes place unless otherwise stated.
2) We will always take payment in GB pounds or Euro and the amount you are charged will depend on the type of course selected.
3) All payments must be made via bank transfer. PayPal payments and Credit cards are currently not available.
4) Students and teachers are not to discuss any rate-related issues. This must be done in writing with the office at The Chat Laboratory by the person responsible for the contract.
5) All courses are non-refundable.


We do not charge any booking or registration fees.


1) If the student(s) needs to cancel a scheduled lesson, the student(s) agree(s) to contact the office at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. A student may contact the office by email or by telephone.
2) If Students fail to cancel a lesson on time the full amount is due to be paid. Students are not entitled to extra classes if they are absent from lessons.
3) If the contract is a 365- agreement, the Student may cancel this contract at any time with a 30-day written notice to The Chat Laboratory. Please note, the cancellation has to be made with the office in writing, not with the teacher.


The student agrees to be on time for each lesson. The student will wait for the teacher at least 20 minutes in the event that the teacher is late unless agreed otherwise. The student will make every attempt to complete any homework agreed to between students and teachers.


Any special requests must be advised to the company in writing. Please feel free to make known to us any medical conditions or other needs, which you feel might enable us to provide you with a higher level of personal service and attention. Any information received remains confidential.


All agreements and contracts will exclusively be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.


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