Course Customisation –

All language classes are taught by highly qualified and trained language teachers who will customise your lesson based on your language goals.

Learn from your home, office or any other location –

The convenience of our live, online language classes allows you the option to learn from your home, office or any other location with internet access. Our teachers use Microsoft Teams video conferencing software to instruct the classes. If you do not have Microsoft Teams, you can download it onto your computer free of charge.

Just like being in any other classroom –

You will need a headset with a microphone so that you can talk and hear your teacher. We strongly recommend that you use a webcam during the classes as this makes communication much easier, just like being in a normal classroom.

Highly-experienced teachers –

Our teachers come highly recommended and go through a strict recruitment process that allows us to select among the very best. We can guarantee that your teacher will be qualified and highly experienced in this area of language teaching.

The online learning experience is super flexible.
Online courses allow the flexibility for you to attend your lessons basically whenever you want. It’s a definite point for online classes and a point against brick and mortar. The ability to access your learning materials at all times is also a huge plus.

There is no commute to an online lesson.
There’s nothing worse than sitting in rush-hour traffic for an hour after you get off work, only to have to hop back into your car to get to a night class. One of the biggest benefits of learning a second language online is working from the comfort of your own home. You can even do it after work in your office or cubicle. At home, at work, or a coffee shop: Anywhere with a solid internet connection becomes your classroom.

It builds confidence
For those who may be shy about learning a new language in a new environment, online courses offer a perfect alternative. Sometimes learning in a class with many peers is detrimental to the student because they are too afraid to practice the language during class. When the student isn’t confident enough to practice the language with their partners or ask the teacher questions they don’t understand, their ability to learn that language will plummet. When learning a language online, students can practice their skills at home until they build their confidence in the language and their ability to speak it.